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Plan 9 broke up sometime in June but Chris and Erik are in a new band called New Left Standard Also John can be found these days playing in his new band Madison, as for Pete and Ryan you may be hearing something from them in the future but their not in any other bands presently. Also are e-mail server is down so trying to mail us is useless, but you can get a hold of Chris and Erik at
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the ex-plan 9
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Hello and welcome to the Plan 9 homepage. Plan 9 was a suburban skacore band from Arlington Heights Illinois. Which in case you were wondering is about forty minutes from Chicago. Look for ex-members of Plan 9 in the bands new left standard and madison. .

Plan 9 is:

Chris King-Vocals,Guitar John Gorr-Bass Pete Jansen-Drums

Eric Engelmann-Trumpet(no picture available)


Who the hell is Plan 9 your wondering? Click here to find out.

This the section where we thank all the people who have done nice stuff for us.

Heres all the places plan 9 played before they broke up.

This will take you to Chris',John's, and Pete's personal homepages.

Here you will find actual pictures of Plan 9 playing live!!and much much more.

Here are some sites that are really cool in Plan 9's opinion.


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